Real People, REAL HELP…Experts Caring for your Property

Each member of the People Helping Others Team is an expert at their job. This translates into peace of mind for you, knowing that the company you’ve hired to watch over your property knows how to handle the occasional complex problems that landlords face in addition to the day to day details.

Whether you are a homeowner considering renting out your home for the first time, or a long time landlord with any number of houses, condos and apartments, we can provide you with the personalized, hands-on property management services you need at a reasonable price.

People Helping Others Stands Apart from the Rest:

  • * Family Operated – Decades of wisdom passed down from father to his two sons. This is the single most valuable aspect of our services. There simply is no substitute for experience.
  • * Hands-On Approach – Frequent inspections and a reliable pool of service providers. We take pride in keeping our clients’ properties in great condition while saving them money when repair work is needed.
  • * Long-Term Tenancies – Respectful tenant relations produce tenancies that last. The Golden Rule does indeed apply to the rental industry, and we’ve proven it works to produce financial success for our clients.
  • * Honest, Simple Fees – 9% of collected rents, less for apartments. No hidden fees. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a cut-rate company providing cut-rate services, or the guys that advertise a low, low rate but have a long list of “other fees”.
  • * Full-Time Management – Residential Property Management is what we do all day, every day. We don’t dilute our focus on your property by spending time on Real Estate Sales, Financing or Commercial Management.

Our Services Include:

Tenant Placement

Happy tenants in from of their rental homeIt all starts with finding a quality Resident. We combine our stringent screening process with a comprehensive marketing program to ensure we attract the Residents you want in your property.

  • Screening Process – We verify income, credit history, and rental history. Employers and previous landlords are contacted to verify all information. We pull a detailed credit report that provides information about evictions, bad checks, public records (often debts to prior landlords) in addition to the basic credit history, and credit score. We work fast on this, usually approving or denying within 48 hours. The Owner is contacted, unless otherwise instructed, for final approval of all applicants.
  • Advertising Your Property – The old days of placing a sign in the yard and paying for an ad in the local paper are long gone! Today’s renter goes straight to the internet to find their next home. We utilize multiple avenues for advertising your property on-line. Dozens of the most effective websites, military housing sites, and the Multiple Listing Service all receive information on your property. And the best part is that we do this for you absolutely FREE OF CHARGE! Unlike other companies, you don’t pay us a cent until we’ve placed a quality tenant and rents are coming in.

Rental Agreement

We set the tone from day one by clearly communicating our high expectations to new Residents when they move in.

We utilize the most current rental contracts approved by the California Association of Realtors. These contracts go a long way in staying current with ever-changing California Landlord Tenant Laws and in protecting the interest of property owners..

Each new Resident is given a Move-In Package that contains everything a new Resident needs to know about living in your property. Included in the Move-in Package are Move-in Procedures and Instructions, House Rules, Maintenance Request Form, Resident Maintenance Responsibilities, as well as any property specific addendums (such as lead paint disclosure, etc).

Property Inspections

Brochure of Inspection Report, with keys on top.Thorough property inspections are key to defending Owners interests. We conduct the following inspection schedule to give you peace of mind.

  • Initial Inspection – Your property is thoroughly inspected at the time it is placed under our management. All property features and amenities are inventoried and captured in our computer database.
  • Tenant Change Inspection – Before any new Resident moves in, the property condition is documented. This same process is repeated when a Resident moves out. This process is very effective in preventing security deposit disputes and maximizing reimbursement for Resident caused damages.
  • Periodic Inspections – We routinely conduct exterior inspections and notify Residents of any deficiencies. We also conduct interior inspections in conjunction with our lease renewal process. Experienced managers watching over your property can be very valuable in catching small problems before they become big (and possibly expensive) ones.

Resident Retention

Wise Property Managers know that the best way to deliver maximum profits to Owners is through content Residents.

We know how valuable a good Resident can be and how expensive a vacant unit can be. With this in mind, we strive to treat all Residents with respect and integrity. The best way to do this is with:

  • Quick Response – We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle emergencies. Our pool of reliable service people fixes problems quickly and at a reasonable cost.
  • Friendly and Service Oriented Staff – All of us here at People Helping Others “walks the talk” on customer service to our tenants. We have learned over the years that being patient and treating tenants fairly produces long-lasting and positive relationships.
  • Lease Renewals – We stay ahead of the game by contacting Owners prior to the end of the Residents lease term about renewals. We check the rental market for similar units and make recommendations about rent rates and lease terms. Interior inspections are also conducted as part of this process.


Businessman and Computer at desk. As Owners of rental property ourselves, we appreciate the importance of on-time, accurate accounting and prompt funds disbursement.

Online Computerized Statements and Electronic Funds Transfer – Our advanced property management software program produces easy to read, accurate monthly and year-end reports of all income and expenses. We also attach copies of all invoices for any work performed. These reports are posted to your secure online Owner Portal. Or, if you prefer, we can mail them to you.

Owner funds are sent directly to your bank account via ACH or mailed to you. See the “Our Technology” page for more details. This service if provided to you absolutely FREE!

Honest Service at a Reasonable Cost

This is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We truly believe that we offer a unique service option to property owners.

  • Straight-Forward Fees – Some companies put far too much thought into their fee structure instead of focusing on how to best serve you as a client. Our monthly management fees are simple, only 9% of collected rents for single unit properties. Multiple units are managed for even less.
  • No Hidden Charges
    • No Charge for monthly and year-end statements.
    • No Charge for mailings or phone calls.
    • No Charge for bill payment service.
    • No Charge for coordinating routine repairs and maintenance.
    • No Charge for initial set-up of your account.
    • No minimum monthly fees! Unlike many property management companies, we only receive payment when your property is rented.